Alone Time Is Not Lonely Time.


In the evening, they go in their darkened room and no sounds emerge. During lunch on a field trip, they find a low, secluded, shady bush, crawl under it, and eat alone. They sit high in a tree over a creek in an empty park and read a book. They take the hidden seat in the restaurant, far from all the other patrons. Why are these people with Asperger’s Syndrome alone?
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Autism Awareness Day 2015: The Middle Ground On Lighting It Up Blue


It’s that time of year, and with it come all the blue things and puzzle pieces. And with those, come the opinions of autistic people, aspies, and their neurotypical families, friends, caretakers, and beloved ones. I’d like to add my one, humble, positive opinion to the mix.

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Ultimate Mythbuster.


An aspergian in possession of the facts is potent. Like a force of nature, such as the wind, rain, or sunlight, an accurately informed aspie in the right has as much potential for enormous damage as they do for enormous good. How so? Continue reading