Obsession Corner: Rainbow Letters?

Greetings all. Welcome to post #2. This shall be the first in what I hope to be a recurring feature on the blog: The Obsession Corner! (I had considered naming it the Obsession Spotlight, but I hate spotlights and love corners, so here we go!)

Anyway, we all know, those on the spectrum have interests that are unique in terms of focus and/or intensity. In this feature I will talk about obsession in general, and enumerate the details of my own obsessions over the years. In addition, I gladly invite anyone on the spectrum to completely skip what I’ve written if they get bored and leave a comment talking about their own special interests, as I know how unpleasant it can be when you’re unable to talk about it. The Obsession Corner is intended to be a safe haven for such longed-for expression. As long as you keep it clean and positive, feel free to ramble on!

Now, without further ado, what’s with the rainbow letters I talk about in the header?

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